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Saving a fish for a fishy purpose

This is an article from London’s The Evening Standard of 30th August 2011.

The headline reads Huge clean-up begins as Irene death toll hits 46.

The article itself is unremarkable. What concerns us is the photograph and caption.

hurricane-irene [1]

We will all do unusual things in times of great stress and surviving a hurricane is going to lead to strange deeds by a lot of people. One of these deeds is, however, unlikely to be saving a fish from the water in which it is swimming.


This is a man caught in an intimate moment with his partner. Normally, one presumes, their pleasure would be taken in privacy. But a hurricane destroys tree cover, removes the screening reeds and sedges by  the riverside, erodes the inhibitions that normally lead to circumspection.

This is a moment of passion, thrown into embarrassing relief by extraordinary circumstances. Well done to Rashid Razaq for attempting to preserve the man’s feelings in this international expose.

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