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Seven-arched bridge

26-06-2017 07 [1]


My daughter and I like building things on beaches. Turkish beaches tend to be rich in building materials: rocks, driftwood and an astonishing variety of potentially useful rubbish.

06-07-16 01

A year before, we had made a single Roman arch. This time we wanted to apply that idea to a bigger thing.


26-06-2017 04

On this beach , my daughter stopped to play in the shallow water where a stream flowed into the Black Sea. She began to move rocks into place.

kursunlugerme 05

The concept had something to do with the aqueducts that, in Roman and Byzantine times, took water the 250+ km from beyond Vize to Istanbul. This one is Kursunlugerme.

26-06-2017 08 [2]


The eventual product was a seven-arch balancing act.

26-06-2017 09

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