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This used to be the nicest place in the world. It probably still is but I haven’t been back for a while.

Road to Üçağız [1]

Road to Üçağız

You drive out of the lovely town of Kaş, thinking that things don’t get any better or more laid back than that. You drive along this road to Üçağız.

A tiny boat takes you out to sea, rounds a cape and delivers you to a Lycian gem.

kekova-5 [2]

This is Kaleköy, the Lycian town of Simena. It is in the middle of a necropolis of those tombs shaped like upside-down boats and is overlooked by a pretty little Byzantine castle.

Kaleköy from sea level. [3]

Kaleköy from sea level.

Flooded Lycian tomb [4]

Flooded Lycian tomb

Lycian necropolis [5]

Lycian necropolis

Kaleköy from the castle. [6]

Kaleköy from the castle.

In that last photo, you can see that Kaleköy is protected from the sea by a long island. This is Kekova.

After you have settled into your honey-coloured stone house and eaten lots of things, you might begin to wonder what that island is like.

You wander down to the waterfront and ask someone about renting a rowing boat. They shrug and point at one. Off you go. On the other side of the channel, you look down and see ruins. As you go on, you realise that the ruins are substantial. There is a dockyard (Tersane) down there as well the remains of Dolikisthe, a town destroyed by an earthquake in the 2nd century AD.

Diving is fun and you can pick up amphorae with a bit of effort.

Byzantine chapel on Kekova. [7]

Byzantine chapel on Kekova.

Tersane [8]


Kaleköy from the little island. [9]

Kaleköy from the little island.

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