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Dean Lukin

This is Dean Lukin in 1982 (12 Sep 82) lifting 225kg in a competition during his preparation for his gold medal performance at the 1984 LA Olympics.

I particularly remember two things that he said:

1. “I get sick of hurting all the time.” This was in answer to the question: Don’t you ever get sick of training?

2. “Why don’t you finish your pull?” He said this after watching me drop yet another snatch. I had not improved either my snatch or clean-and-jerk for over four months. He noted that I was not shrugging my shoulders at the crucial time to complete the upward movement of the bar before dropping under it and catching it at arms’ length. As a result of this single comment, I managed to snatch 12.5kg more than my previous best. It was the most dramatic piece of coaching I ever had.

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