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Sex With an Enormous Fish

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Stefan’s unwilling union with a genetically engineered fish triggers his rise through the System, the bureaucratic quagmire that controls his world. He finds himself compelled to facilitate the congress of increasingly senior officials with the marine anomaly. Nic Krechter finds that he needs to use the fish’s services to deal with his rivals in the System. The fish herself has to cope with the conflicting pulls of her developing feelings for Stefan and her desire for freedom. As the outside world begins to push through the borders of the System, Stefan, Nic and the fish struggle to retain control over their lives.

An allegory that examines how anyone might act when provided with an uncertain power. Novel: 155,000 words, approx 450 pages

Out this month on Kobo and Amazon Kindle.

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Enormous Fish (Chapter 1) [2]

Blame (Chapter 65) [3]

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