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Oh dear…

2005 was a time of expansion in the Turkish media. A relaxation in regulation of TV and radio meant that new stations and channels were opening daily. They were all looking for the angle that would allow them to survive at the expense of the flock of competitors.

One of the up-and-coming TV channels was atv. I was fronting a fairly popular band at the time so, in some deal that I did not quite understand, we met up with a camera and sound crew at Captain Hook, a new rock venue in Harbiye. We were to be filmed performing a number of songs then, perched attractively on some tables, we would act as VJs to introduce video clips of cutting edge music.

I was awful. I had my annual throat infection. I had struggled through our regular performances but was nervous here. For some reason, I decided that it would be good for my throat to chew gum throughout the whole process. Not pretty. I mouthed a lot of complete nonsense in my VJ slot.

People who watched it expressed concern for my health and sanity. Knowing how bad I was, I avoided watching the finished product. atv did not invite me back for another go.

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