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People having sex with fish

A minority of the population finds it odd that people have sex with fish. Some individuals appear to think that sex with fish is slimy or unpleasant, or even immoral.

This site seeks to present evidence from the cultural history of humanity to show that having sex with fish is a normal part of any healthy life.

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hand-job [1]

Did the Knights of the Round Table choose a solo route to having sex with their fish? This exhibit in the Ashmolean Museum suggests that this may have been the case.

assyrian [2]

Ichthyophallic marital aid from Assyrian Nineveh.

carrying-fish [3]

A Japanese solution to the practical issues of rituals involving sex with fish.

pall-mall-1 [4]

First recorded use of sex with fish to advertise cigarettes.

cherub-and-fish [5]

A lovely sculpture in rural England showing a cherub in joyous congress with an ecstatic osteichthyan partner.

hurricane [6]

The papers reported it as a man ‘saving’ a fish. It’s pretty obvious what was really happening.

venus [7]

Why is Venus embarrassed? The usual reason.

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